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A World of Unknowns: An Automated Approach to Small Business Lending

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday season! With 2021 before us, everyone wonders what to expect. Or, to say it differently, “now what?!” I prefer a more positive note - what can we add or recalibrate to gain...

The Impact of COVID-19 on Credit Analysis

It seems like the phrase “The new normal” has become the new normal over the last several months. Many aspects of our lives have been impacted by COVID-19, so I’d like to take a look at how it has impacted...

Additional Thoughts On Proactive Portfolio Risk Management

Many of you joined the webinar on Proactive Portfolio Risk Management earlier in the summer. If you missed it, or wish to view it again, you can find the recording here . In that webinar we discussed many issues around...

A “Surprise Free” Portfolio

None of us ever plan to originate a bad loan, especially during an economic downturn. (Full disclosure: I might have had one or two loans go delinquent.) But some loan relationships do end up having issues. Consequently, lending is not...

It’s Time to Gain Efficiency In Small Business Lending

By segmenting their commercial loan portfolios and creating a separate line of business for small business lending, many financial institutions have taken a positive step forward. But have they gained all the efficiencies possible from doing this? Probably not. ...

Planning for the Next Step

This weekend I decorated my house for Fall. You know—pumpkins, Fall colors, etc. When I was finished, I started thinking about the next step…CHRISTMAS! As I was pulling out the Fall decor, I saw the Christmas decorations. That got me...
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