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Are You Protected Against Rising Rates?

Interest rates have been low for several years now and many people new to lending have never seen a rising rate environment. Some may be asking "why is this happening and what can we do?” There are many factors...

Key Architectural Foundations for Today’s Modern Lending Technology

This weekend my youngest was mesmerized by a communication artifact of the past – my old flip phone. Somehow this flip phone had dodged the many trips to be upgraded, donated, or even just recycled in a tech disposal event....

Why a Loan Origination System is a Critical Part of Digital Transformation

Admittedly, I’m not a fan of buzzwords/tech speak. AI, big data, “the cloud”, machine learning, digital transformation, etc. What do they even mean? Without applied application, we’re just bandying about terms that have little to no meaning. Let’s look...

How to Personalize Banking with Lending Software

Over the last couple of years, borrowers have voluntarily and not so voluntarily changed the way they interact with financial institutions. The rise of digital touchpoints is more common now than ever before and will continue to push the banking...

Trends to Watch in 2022: Growth and Tech Lead the Way in Banking

I recently attended Bank Director’s Acquire or be Acquired conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Not a bad place to travel to this time of year even for a guy that lives in North Carolina. This was the first conference I have...

Four Key Areas of Innovation That You Cannot Do Without

...and Other Lessons From Finovate Fall 2021 This week was a big event for New York City. New Yorkers saw the return Broadway theater and Bankers saw the return of one of the biggest events and banking that was...
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