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Don't Overpay For Deposits

A predictable phenomenon of every rising rate cycle is a paranoia among bankers about repricing existing deposit balances. This is understandable in the current cycle as 0% interest rates for over 2 years resulted in an unusually high percentage of...

Sustaining Sound Credit Quality During an Economic Downturn

It’s no secret that inflation, interest rate hikes and slowed economic growth are causing concern for financial institutions across the country. Banks and credit union leaders are speculating how credit quality and loan demand will shift as we approach 2023....

Striking the Right Balance Between Fraud Prevention and a Speedy Customer Onboarding Experience

This blog is a guest post from our partners at Alloy Our clients are often faced with the same dilemma: how can they optimize their digital onboarding experience without compromising their fraud prevention standards? Your digital onboarding experience could...

A Journey to Embracing Banking Technology Solutions

This year, I hit the half-century birthday. It reinforced the importance of truly enjoying what I do in both my personal and professional life. Over my professional life, I’ve had two separate (but related) careers. Starting in 1998, I spent...

Are You Protected Against Rising Rates?

Interest rates have been low for several years now and many people new to lending have never seen a rising rate environment. Some may be asking "why is this happening and what can we do?” There are many factors...

Key Architectural Foundations for Today’s Modern Lending Technology

This weekend my youngest was mesmerized by a communication artifact of the past – my old flip phone. Somehow this flip phone had dodged the many trips to be upgraded, donated, or even just recycled in a tech disposal event....
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