Success Stories

Berkshire Bank

“We have long considered Baker Hill a partner and trusted advisor, so selecting its platform for commercial lending was a natural fit. Baker Hill’s solution will enable us to manage the complexities of our growing loan portfolio by supporting the entire commercial lending cycle—from the initial prospect call through loan pay off and everything in between.”

- Denise Thompson | Vice President of Small Business | Berkshire Bank

Bryn Mawr Trust

“Our relationship managers needed a single solution capable of effectively managing the needs of complex commercial lending clients. We now have a tool to ensure the sales and underwriting processes are more efficient, allowing employees more time to focus on individual client needs.”

- Marilee Connor | Group Vice President | Bryn Mawr Trust

CapStar Bank

Commercial bank seeks to establish and maintain comprehensive relationships with its clients by delivering customized and creative banking solutions and superior client service.

“With the increased efficiencies that Baker Hill’s consumer loan origination solution delivers, we believe our team at CapStar will be able to direct more of their focus toward better serving our customers, which is the bank’s top priority. By leveraging Baker Hill’s proven lending technology, we are confident that CapStar will continue to grow its consumer loan portfolio while maintaining sound credit quality, positioning the bank for long-term success and profitable growth.”

- Robert LaMendola | Senior Credit Officer | CapStar Bank

Citizens National Bank

Citizens National Bank sought increased competitiveness in growth markets and deeper customer relationships. To move the needle, cobbled-together analytics required a technology update and an infusion of expertise.

"Baker Hill generates the data we need to support our strategic decisions. Our targeted money market campaign has been tremendously successful. And, the emphasis on cross-sale ratios has deepened our client relationships. Wherever we have focused our efforts, we have gotten results with Baker Hill's support."

- Scott Sills | Chief Marketing Officer | Citizens National Bank

Farmers and Merchants Bank

“Baker Hill’s long-standing reputation for exceptional technology and service greatly impacted our decision. We are looking forward to better reporting with quicker spreads thanks to all of the underlying features and functionality of Baker Hill NextGen®. Better reporting will lead to better service for our customers which is at the heart of everything we do.”

- Christopher T. Oswald | Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer

First Bank

“Given my familiarity with the company’s technology and the direction they are taking with the Baker Hill NextGen® platform, our team felt that Baker Hill’s consumer loan origination system and online loan application would be the best solutions on the market to accommodate First Bank’s needs. The ongoing support we have received throughout the onboarding process paired with the company’s longstanding reputation within the industry makes this a valuable partnership for us. We look forward to the benefits these implementations bring to both our customers and our employees.”

- George Lewis, Senior Vice President, Credit Administration, First Bank

Florence Bank

“We have a long-term relationship with Baker Hill and consider them a trusted advisor and an extension of our team. They are committed to our success which is evidenced by their exceptional support service, quick response to all of our requests, and ongoing, proactive communication.”

- Joe Traczynski | SVP Senior Lending Officer | Florence Bank

HarborOne Bank

“With Baker Hill NextGen® Omni-Channel Marketing, we’re able to better target prospects as well as retain our most profitable account holders, all while providing an outstanding and relevant experience. The solution provides superior tracking and industry benchmarking to measure our programs and continuously improve performance. We are impressed with the technology so far and even more so with Baker Hill’s support and consultative approach.”

- Dave Tryder | SVP and Chief Marketing Officer

Level One Bank

“We carefully reviewed the technology available in the market, concluding that Baker Hill offered the most robust, proven solution to accommodate our rapidly growing loan portfolio. By relying on Baker Hill’s lending technology, we look forward to gaining new efficiencies and capabilities through the lifecycle of our loan relationships, which will allow us to better serve clients while maintaining the credit quality that underpins all of our ongoing success.”

- Gregory Wernette | EVP and Chief Lending Officer | Level One Bank

Marquette Bank

Marquette Bank, based in Chicago with $1.5 billion in assets, has leveraged Baker Hill’s commercial loan origination solution to create a more streamlined workflow for loan operations, helping lenders work more efficiently and improving the visibility on the status of loans.

“We have experienced longstanding success using Baker Hill’s commercial loan origination solution and are impressed with the direction Baker Hill is taking with its NextGen® platform. Our staff is looking forward to leveraging its latest functionalities, as Baker Hill NextGen® will offer greater flexibility so we can further adapt the commercial lending solution to our specific needs, which will enable us to provide the outstanding experience our customers expect.”

- Frances Brashares | AVP & Commercial Loan Operations Manager | Marquette Bank

New Valley Bank and Trust

“As a new institution, we are committed to embracing innovations that prioritize responsiveness and drive opportunity for our customers, especially for those digitally-driven. To stay true to that commitment, we chose to partner with Baker Hill because of their proven experience and history in commercial lending. This, coupled with their leading-edge technology, will enable us to deliver the lending products our community needs and desires. We look forward to working with them to support growth now and in the future.”

- Jeff Sullivan | CEO and President

Old Point National Bank

“With our new loan origination system, we expect to significantly improve the efficiency of our lending process and enhance the borrower experience. Baker Hill’s implementation and advisory services are known to be ‘the best in the business,’ and that reputation coupled with the modern user interface and capabilities of Baker Hill NextGen® were key reasons we ultimately selected Baker Hill.”

- Erin Black | Senior Vice President and Marketing Director | Old Point National Bank

Peoples Bank and Trust

Peoples Bank can now easily review commercial loans and make solid credit decisions by leveraging the solution’s reporting, data analysis and sophisticated financial spreading functionalities.

“Our prior solution was designed more for personal credit analysis rather than commercial credit analysis, which made reviewing the loan portfolio more difficult than it needed to be. Upgrading to Baker Hill NextGen® Statement Spreading will allow us to easily conduct complex ratio and cash flow analyses, projections and peer comparisons, resulting in more efficient processing and review of commercial loan requests.

- James Kiser | Vice President and Senior Lender | Peoples Bank and Trust. 

Western Alliance Bank

Western Alliance Bank, which prides itself on serving businesses, uses Baker Hill’s loan origination solutions to help manage smaller business loan requests with greater efficiency and ultimately, enable loan officers to spend their time pursuing larger commercial deals.

"As we’ve grown over the years, we have used Baker Hill’s solutions to streamline our small business lending processes to allow our loan officers to focus on the most important aspect of their job, which is building relationships with business customers and ensuring their credit needs are met."

- Sherri Slayton | Executive Vice President | Western Alliance Bank

Studio Bank

"Studio Bank is focused on creating streamlined processes that create efficiencies for our team and ultimately for our clients. We are very pleased with the innovative products from Baker Hill and look forward to leveraging their technology to position the bank for long term success."

Richard Bynum, Chief Credit Officer, Studio Bank